yakitori,robata gas commercial grill

The only gas Yakitori/Robata grill in the world.

yakitori,robata gas commercial grill Can add real charcoal for added scent and flavour.

Long-selling, high reputation
Over 5200 units in use
Less drying and delicious results just like real charcoal!

Made in JAPAN

kosei charcoal griller,grill machine,grill equipment

KOSEI CHARCOAL is original ceramic charcoal That is comparable to real Binchotan charcoal grilling.
With Infrared technology is able to produce intence heat that is required to cook food to perfection.

Can add real charcoal for added scent and flavour.

Suitable for yakitori, robatayaki, skewers, kebab, steak, fish, vegetables, ribs, Satay, Chuan, Kawap.

kosei charcoal griller,grill machine,grill equipment
kosei charcoal griller,grill machine,grill equipment yakitori grills

Smoky "Flavor" is the most important value on Grilled Food!!

It's our original "charcoal made by ceramic" which radiate high quality far infrared rays.
Easy Handling, Energy Saving and Keeping High Quality by using our Griller applying far infrared rays! We, Japanese, have been having strong attachment and special feeling to “Charcoal Fire” However, natural charcoal is expensive, require great care & experience… We, Kosei Kogyo, make it easy to grill foods by "Kosei charcoal Griller"!!

◆Easy to handle (stable heat)
◆Easy to install (use gas)
◆Crispy Surface & Juicy Inside
◆Taste of great chef of natural charcoal!!
◆Usable together Natural charcoal for its scent
◆Suitable for yakitori, robatayaki, skewers, kebab, steak, fish, vegetables, ribs, Satay, Chuan, Kawap.

yakitori restaurant griller yakitori grillsyakitori restaurant grillerkosei charcoal griller,grill machine,grill equipment
bbq grill
【infomation from KOSEI】
steak Introduce our installation record at corporate blog. More than 4100 units have been introduced all over the world .

Please confirm that this product has been active in the variety of shops. To major chain stores from the shops that are opened by individuals, kosei charcoal griller has been active in a variety of business categories. A tavern, a shop selling yakitori, a Japanese-style dish, a hotel restaurant, a steakhouse,restaurant serving everyday meals, an Italian , hamburger, an eel restaurant, a sushi shop, French, a lunch provider, a pork bowl, a company cafeteria, a daily dish, delivery, etc.

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yakitori restaurant griller They got ETL certification,it is the first time in Japanease gas equipments.
yakitori robata grill
We have shipped following countries(USA, Canada, Australia, Portland, China, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, HongKong, Germany, Israel, Lithuania, Estonia).

Hatch Yakitori (Los Angeles)
RBTA Highland Park (Los Angeles)
Masa NY (New York)
Yokushi Japanese BBQ (Houston TX USA)
・Chi Men chinese restaurant(Vancouver Canada)
Chi Modern Vietnamese (Vancouver Canada)
Kin Kao - Thai Kitchen (Vancouver Canada)
ZAKKUSHI (Vancouver Canada)
Ajishou Japanese Cuisine(Vancouver Canada)
Koi Ramen & Eatery (Vancouver Canada)
q-shi-q (Vancouver Canada)
Black Rice Izakaya(Vancouver Canada)
SHOKUNIN(Canada Calgary)
Sing's Asian Kitchen (Australia Brisbane)
masu izakaya(Australia Sydney)
Chat Thai(Australia Campbell)
Ramenas ir pagaliukai(Lithuania)
・Mall of Qatar(Qatar,Doha)
Anantara Veli Maldives (Maldives)
JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay Resort & Spa (Vietnam )
Marriott Queens Park, Bangkok (Thailand )
Donwoodam (Korea)
・「월간 윤종신 」WOLGAN YUN JONG SHIN (Korea)
and more
yakitori,robata gas commercial grill Smoky flavor is available by adding a few pieces of natural charcoal on the grill.
Reliable Griller which grill all kinds of foods & pursuit great taste We created "Ceramic Charcoal" which was first in Japan in 1983. Our "unique" griller which brought the taste almost same as the taste by natural charcoal grill, was sensation. We, Kosei Kogyo, have been satisfying professional chefs by continuing research, original technology, product of excellent quality, and non-stop advancement. Originality of "Kosei charcoal Griller" For chefs wanting grilled foods of highest quality Our "Kosei-charcoal" radiating far infrared rays made by ceramic Can grill foods with strong heat penetrating power.

Why Kosei is special compared to other grillers:
Charcoal Only Grill Other Yakitori Gas Grill Radiant Charbroiler / Shish Kebab Electric Grill
- Utilizes messy, dirty, and expensive fuel that requires a lot of cleaning
- Uneven heating, and hard to control
- Takes time and effort to reach the perfect temperature for cooking
- Dangerous to handle
- Inefficient as it requires high BTU to heat air rather than food
- Incapable of reaching high temperatures
- Has the tendency to dry out food
- Unable to utilize charcoal for scent and flavour
- Inefficient as it requires high BTU to heat air rather than food
- Incapable of reaching high temperatures
- Has the tendency to dry out food
- Difficult to clean & maintain
- Unable to utilize charcoal for scent and flavour
- Requires a lot of power, usually three phase
- Difficult to clean, as parts cannot be submerged in water
- Unable to utilize charcoal for scent and flavour
The Kosei Infrared Grill
- Very fuel efficient as it utilizes infrared heating to reach extremely high temperatures comparable to charcoal using less gas
- Directly heats food instead of heating the air, therefore retaining more moisture
- Capable of using charcoal to give food additional scent and flavour
- Can cook large variety of food such as steaks, skewers, vegetables, burgers
- The only commercial grill that you can easily take apart to clean without using any tools

yakitori grill yakitori grills
▼Secret of KOSEI GRILL▼
robata grill

Infrared waves can produce heat which is by far the best way to grill food. Infrared heat can travel a great distance without losing much heat or energy until it reaches the food you’re grilling, much like charcoal and the sun. The Kosei infrared grill uses special Kosei Rods heated by gas burners that radiates infrared heat. The high temperature makes it easy to sear and grill food, cooking it to be crispy on the outside yet moist and juicy on the inside. By using infrared heating, the Kosei infrared grill is more efficient than normal gas grills and can reach higher temperatures faster while performing with a lower BTU.

Grilling video in Youtube

grill machine

KA-175G with Height adjuster,grill nets

grill machine


grill machine

Grilling japanese eels

yakitori,robata gas commercial grill

Grilling Arabic food

grill machine

You can grill various foods

grill machine

KA-175G and KA-55G

grill machine

Grilling fishes on the Height adjuster and grill nets

grill machine

Steaks can be grilled so nice ,and given beautiful plate line

grill machine

Most customers are satisfied with KOSEI GRILLS

grill machine

KA-G model has wide grilling area

grill machine

Grilling with natural charcoal

grill machine

Grilling so big pork steak

grill machine

KA-55G grilling kebab

grill machine

KA-135G grilling fishes and squids

grill machine


grill machine

So delicious Yakitori

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